Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Old Car

My pocket hurts.......

Today, I just bought my youngest daughter a 1998 Saturn SL2.

It's a nice little car and it runs good and it only had 74K miles on it which was low considering its age.

I'm happy to be able to do this for her, it's a good feeling.

Now I just hope she doesn't wreck it......... ugh.


  1. That's why we bought cheap dear...odds are, she will.

  2. The wife had a '96 SL2. I sold it when I got the '95 Avalon. That is very low mileage. I'm at almost 150,000 on mine and that's not doing bad for the age. Hope she enjoys it and good luck.

  3. That's encouraging to hear Teke. We bought a 97 Jeep for my son with 120k miles on it, but that was a known entity for me, having gotten 186k miles out of my 96 Cherokee.
    Why Chrysler ditched that I6 engine I'll never know. Those engines were just absolute work horses that ran forever...oh..wait, I just answered my own question.

  4. I worked on the Saturn advertising account back in 1992 when they were launching the SC1 and SC2. Got to know a lot about them and tour the plant in Tennessee.

    They were solidly built, intelligently designed cars (except for the oil filter, apparently) that were, and are, fairly easy to work on.

    My ZX's oil filter is in an extremely inconvenient location and will spill oil all over the garage floor.

    My trick? Depends. Generic adult diapers or pads.

    I'll check with the grocery stores or CVS stores because they're always getting those things either returned or the packages are ripped and unsalable. They'll usually give a helluva deal on them like for half price or less. Walgreens won't, so don't even waste your time with them.

    Just lay one of those pads underneath where the oil from the filter is going to drip, remove the filter, and voila, the pad catches the oil and no mess.


  5. Just being a little better prepared would have gone a long way. We are out of paper towels (The Harrah!). I had about 1/4 roll from my stash in the beater van. I have the oil changes on the rest of the junk yard fleet down to a science, rarely drip on the driveway. The Saturn offers a new challenge.


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