Friday, August 5, 2011

TheBigGuy's and Bells A Ringing Totally Awesome Adventure

Stay tuned, The Big Guy of Listen to Uncle Jay fame just rolled into town. Jay actually went a bit (4 hours) out of his way, I suspect because he couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet the little lady with a really big gun. Although, it might be the chicken fried steak in Tomball...
The itinerary is a little loose at the moment. Hotwells shooting range is ten minutes away. Tomball and the mega-chicken fried steak is 15 minutes away. And, a little further to the south is Kemah and some kick ass seafood over looking the water. Or, we might rope TBG into a dart tournament. Decisions decisions.
But then there's Pappasito's (tex-mex) or Pappadeaux's (cajun) much food, so little time.
And the drunks with pointy things tournament starts at 8pm (give or take an hour).
Looks like a busy day is shaping up tomorrow.

(I do hope that TBG is not allergic to shell fish.)

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