Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Morning After

Oh my goodness, what a good time we had last night.

TBG is a natural at darts.  He shot a few really good shots and seemed to catch on to the strategy of Cricket pretty quick.

After the tournament, we sat around and TBG told some stories that I will be laughing at for years to come.  What an interesting fella he is and just a pleasure to be around.

I learned a few more lessons from the wise TBG:

If you discover a dead whale beached close to shore, keep walking and try to pretend you didn't see it.
If you are a tourist and happen up on the removal of said beached dead whale, stand WAY back.
When in a storm on a boat, don't wear your taser and finally.............
never use a taser on a snake that's wrapped around your motor.

All in all, this was the best time that I've had, since.........  well Lockhart comes to mind.

This morning, my tummy muscles are sore from laughing and I'm sleepy.  Hubby, who partook in many more hoppy beverages than I did, is probably going to be a little hung over today....  poor baby has to fix the alternator on the son's Jeep (haha).

TBG swears that he had a great time, I can only hope that he wasn't just saying that to be polite, but what I do know, is that after we parted ways, all the hubby and I could say on the way home were different variations of the phrase, "Oh my God, what a great day!"

It was incredible.  Thanks TBG for a wonderful time, it was truly an honor meeting you.

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