Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm doing this........ why?

Apparently, before I got my wonderful job, they had been audited by the Department of Labor and were not compliant in a few areas regarding record keeping and other stuff like color coding files, and other nonsense that our lovely government spends money to have business waste their resources on.  They weren't in violation because they are bad people, in fact, my boss is a very good and generous man.  They were in violation because the company grew very quickly and the people that he had working for him at the time were basically incompetent when it came to labor laws.

All of that said, the third week of each month that I've been there so far, I've been scrambling to get data for the Department of Labor that they have requested from us.  Data such as how many total employees and how many contractors in the field.  The lengths that I have to go to prepare this data it time consuming.

So today, the phone call with the Dept. of Labor came and the payroll gal gave the DOL the numbers.....  well the numbers didn't seem quite right.  So I was to look into the problem and call them back.  So I did that and discovered where the problem was and made the call back..............  good grief.

So the lady on the phone is still telling me that the number of hours worked just didn't seem right for the dollar amount of payroll.........   I explained that I couldn't figure out why that would be so the conversation goes something like this.....

DOL person whose salary that I pay via tax dollars:  "well, the numbers just aren't right."
Me:  "Well, I'm sorry I don't know what to tell you.  What's not right about them?"
DOL buffoon:  "Well the money paid out is just too low for a construction company.  Construction workers make a lot more money than that."
Me:  "Well yes, if they're unionized and actually skilled labor.....   our guys are mostly unskilled workers....  they paint.  They don't make all that much per hour really."
DOL buffoon:  "Shouldn't they make at least $19 an hour?"
Me laughing:  "Maybe in California where the cost of living is through the roof, but not in Texas, sweetheart.  Our cost of living is very low here."
DOL idiot:  "Oh!  Well yes, that makes sense.  But that's okay, we don't have to use those numbers, just the numbers from the first two columns, you know, the number of employees and whether you are up or down from last month."


Me:  "Excuse me, but what exactly is this for?  In other words, why am I doing this report for you if you're going to leave out information?"
DOL Obamuffoon:  "Oh, well all that stuff that's on the news about jobs and stuff?  Well we are gathering information from your industry."

We got disconnected.  When she calls back next month, I am going to ask if my participation is required.  All along I thought that this was because of the audit.  Turns out it's apparently about getting the jackass in chief and his jet-thief wife re-elected..............    fuckers.

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  1. Sometime over beers I have to tell you and kx59 about DoD security "certification".


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