Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enough already

Okay, I am going to give a little mini/rant here so bear with me.

I am sick and tired of hearing the pundits talk about Obama's vacation.  Yes, I know that he's gone on vacation a lot this year and that it shows a total lack of concern on his part for the state of the Union.  Here's what is driving me crazy.........   the intellectual dishonesty and the philosophical inconsistancey of everyone.

Ronald Reagan spent a fair amount of time at his Ranch in California and George W. Bush spend a lot of time at his Ranch.  Yes the media gave them shit about it to no end and yes liberal friends of mine would whine and complain (about Bush) going to Crawford during that time.

I would always respond to the whiners, "The President is never really on vacation, it's not like he can just drop off the face of the planet (though we often wish they could!)."

Even the pundits would say the same thing about the situation.  The President can still conduct the business of the country from whereever he is.  Consistency people, consistency.

So I am saying it, "The President is never really on vacation, he can still conduct the country's business no matter where he is."

With all of that said, here is where the true criticism should rest.

When the President goes on vacation to a place that is not his private residence, there are a lot of security clearing procedures, setting up for his arrival, ensuring that the location is equipped with all the techo stuff that he needs so that he can conduct business.  All of this at Tax Payer expense!

At least when Bush and Reagan were at each respective Ranch, all the techno stuff, security stuff, etc. was already in place.  It was much cheaper for them than it is every time Obama decides he want's to run off and hide somewhere.


  1. Where I have the problem is the timing of Obama's vacations and the two-faced message he sends--"It's okay for ME to go on vacation. I'm the anointed one. But you working stiffs, you're blowing money you don't have and that's why I'm going to have to raise taxes."

    And then of course, to those of us who DO pay more than our "fair share" of taxes, he goes after our airplanes, OUR vacations, second homes, etc.

    Throw in that he has incredible timing to just happen to plan vacations and then a crisis happens (Gulf Coast oil spill, bombing, Christmas day attempting bombing of an airliner and now the S&P thing, the incredible civil rest going on in places like Wisconsin, and the riots in London and France.)

    It's a leadership function, and Obama ain't no leader.

    Sarcozy (France) canceled his vacation in mid-stride because of the economic flare-up in France. I mean, he left the beach and called his cabinet back to work.

    Obozo goes bike riding on the beach.

    I'm so sick of this two-faced hypocritical piece of African jackal dung that I could scream.


  2. In with the good air, out with the bad, take deep cleansing breaths AOA. We need your help to vote that jackwagon out of office in 2012.


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