Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sun baked and Salt Cured

Whew! it is hot outside.
The first part of the day's chores are done.
The newish Saturn has been serviced.  New radiator fan motor installed. Now the AC blows cool at idle and the temp gauge doesn't climb alarmingly towards the Satan's hell mark.
Oil change and transmission fluid change done.  The transmission filter is external, basically the same as an engine oil filter.  Why they don't do this on all transmissions I don't know. It made that job a whole lot easier than normal.
The one thing I do not like about this engine though, it the placement of the oil filter. It sits right above the passenger side half axle, and when you remove it, oil runs everywhere but where it's supposed to.
This was not the day to be short on paper towels.
That Saturn SL2 is not a bad little car. Even with the 1.9L engine, it has enough get up and go to get out of its own way, it is quite stable and handles well as you cruise at highway speeds.
I discovered moments ago, that it does not have a spare. So, I will have to remedy that problem in short order.


  1. Sadly, I'm not mechanically nor physically able as you! Good for you (and your daughter).
    I had a near new VW Rabbit back in the mid-70's.
    Talk about poor proximity - the brake line ran inside the floorboards, so riding one's heels on the carpet eventually wore a hole in the brake line! YIKES! I'd have settled for a paper towel fix!

  2. Ya know, a number of people I work with have modern day VWs and they seem to have no end of problems with them.
    My '68 bug had the battery under the back seat. The interior always had an acidic smell to it.


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