Thursday, August 18, 2011


While posting a comment at a blog, a google popup appeared as I logged into my google account, requesting my phone number.  Some mumbo jumbo about needing it for security reasons in case I "lose" my password or my account gets hijacked. Aaalrighty then, click the red x thingy. Buh-bye.
How about the google guys beef up their security a bit more instead.
Isn't google in the process of buying a cell phone company? The name escapes me.
So google is getting in the cell provider bidness, and wants my phone number...hmmmm.


  1. Is google affiliated with Facebook? For a while, I was getting that kind of popup every time I logged into Facebook. It said, if I didn't update my FB account with a phone number and ever lost my password, I would be SOL.

    If I lost my password and forever lost access to FB ...oh MY! Whatever would I do?!?

    Oh wait, I really am not even that FOND of FB and I certainly don't have any pictures THERE that I don't have a dozen other places on my computer and my blog and on CD and ...what the heck ...if life just got too sad without FB, I guess I'd open a new account.

    Nah ...I think I'd take as a sign from Above that I'm spending WAY TOO MUCH time on the computer and just let the FB go. I clicked the same red x you did.

    : )

  2. I generally have one telephone number that I use for ALL spam type stuff, online sign-ups where they simply demand a phone number, etc. Been using the same number for going on three years now and who knows how many spams, online requests, etc.

    The phone number?


    In case you don't (immediately) recognize it, it goes directly to the White House switchboard.


  3. I received the same pop-up last night. Same result.

    As a security practice I do not provide any info randomly prompted. Tell me to go to my profile and update this for x reason and I might. That is unless I know for sure who the request is from.

    @HossBoss Google is trying to Complete with Facebook. the New Google+


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