Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A passing comment from Belle

Sensibility Alert! Adult Content! This post contains words such as "fart" and "Butt".
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A few years back, I was an avid "South Park" fan. Belle hated it when I watched it. She couldn't stand it. One night, we are on the couch watching TV. South Park is on..the early episode where aliens confuse cows with the dominate race and Cartman gets an anal probe. About the time Cartman started farting fire and set Tweek on fire, Belle got interested. The defining moment for her was when the 50 foot diameter satellite dish deployed from Cartman's backside. She laughed so hard...and, she was hooked.
To quote the comedian Ron White, "I had to tell you that, so I could tell you this."
Tomorrow morning I fly to Nashville. This is a good thing. A project that went on hold almost three years ago is showing signs of life again. I have flown..I lost count...many many many miles to projects all over this great land in my line of work over the past 22 years. In the past two years, with our Obummer economy, I've traveled zip. I flew as soon as the airlines hit the air after 9/11. That was an unusual experience.
As Belle headed upstairs this evening she commented "make sure you wipe your ass".
I responded with a quizzical dog expression. (brains says,"I'm pretty sure I do that every time...")
Belle says, "In case the TSA gives you the anal probe"
I recovered my snark and responded, "Not much chance of that, I'm not a 5 year old girl, nor a granny that some pervert would want to grope."
(my brain says, " that would have been humorous, except the sad state of affairs is ..that is where we are.")
I responded, " considering that, perhaps I won't"
I'm not body sensitive, nor shy about such things. This might not be a good thing. If the TSA decides I need a good groping, I'm sure to embarrass the TSA dude, and probably most of the people in the security line. Phrases such as, "Oh Yeah, Right There!" might inexplicably fall out of my mouth.
I may have a paypal link up tomorrow for bail money donations.

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