Monday, August 15, 2011

Romney drills to the net...and..GOOAAL!

My favorite sound bite of the day "Magical Misery Tour"
From, via Drudge
The Presidential Campaign Kabuki Theater is just warming up. Pass the popcorn.
And for the record I am not a Romney fan.  If I'm forced to hold my nose and vote again, I'd go Perry in a heartbeat.


  1. Maybe you go withe the poison you don't know. Mitt was governor when I was in Massachusetts.

    I'll vote for Perry. Don't now him, and he's probably a shyster, too. But I don't get the feeling he'll "compromise" on government health care and an "Assault Weapons" ban. And then say that he's a "conservative".

    Look, I'm not really a conservative myself. Just don't pee down my back and tell me it's raining.

  2. I lean towards fiscally conservative, and socially liberal. Libertarian?
    Romney has a bad track record in my opinion. Perry actually has a pretty good record here in Tejas. Except, every now and then he is susceptible to being sold a load of crap and latching on to it like the runt puppy of the litter.
    Trans Texas Corridor, and the anti-cervical cancer injection that he tried to mandate from the governor's office. I suspect Teke will be along shortly to fill in my blanks on that last one.
    As Teke noted in a post some time back, if Perry wins, we will take one for the team down here.
    Governor Dewhurst.
    I nominate Dan Patrick for Governor.


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