Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chris Christie for President?

Lot's of bloggers out there beating the drum for Christie to enter the race.
Yeah...uhm no.  His belief in this tripe gives me serious pause about the man.
If he'll believe this, he'll believe anything. NJ can keep him.
I know there's no perfect candidate, but his belief in global worming portends future policy and legislative decisions that would be very bad for this country.  Now that he has let this genie out of the bottle, it can never go back in. Even if he did a complete about face tomorrow on the subject, I don't think I could ever trust him.
We definitely do not need another president that is going to enable the EPA to further crush the economy in this country.

via a link from Climate Depot


  1. No way in effing almighty HELL will I support anything or anyone from New Jersey!

    Worse yet, Christie has more faces than Elizabeth Taylor and one of those faces is an unapologetic Muslim supporter.

    Quite frankly, I don't trust much of anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line northeast of eastern Pennsylvania. If it were up to me, I'd re-do the international boundaries and relocate all liberals from the rest of the U.S. up to this toxic waste area and let the rest of the remaining States move forward.

    All those damn liberals in one spot would turn on themselves inside of a few months. They hate to work, have to have unions in order to protect their subpar work performance in many, if not most cases, are scared of guns and think educators are god all the while disavowing God Himself.

    Within two generations, they'd all be either gone or reformed and we could go back to the original United States.

    Christie? No way, no how.


  2. LOL.. tell us how you really feel AOA.. ;-)

    Nice rant... full of win

  3. I really want to like the guy. But I suppose you can't live in a lefty sewer like he does and not get some on ya.

    This is why we need political re-education camps in Texas. Guys like Christie could be forced at gun point to learn basic science, critical thinking skills, and elementary logic.

    With a strategic location in Texas, incorrigables could be loaded onto a catapault and fired at Mexico. Mexico sends us its worst, we should reciprocate by raining union thugs, race pimps and rabid progressives down on them.

    Hmpfff. Maybe I should run for president, now that I think of it...


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