Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Shot Season 3, Show 3

Well, not only do I not like Jake, Gary has made my official shit list, too.

Gary is a tool, plain and simple.

After they voted, Gary was giving a 'pep talk' to Drew and all it accomplished was that it made me hope that Cliff would win.

Cliff pulled through with an amazing show of a cool head with an unfamiliar firearm in a crazy challenge.  The challenge was designed to make you panic and Cliff did not panic.  In fact, he waxed Drew's ass.

At this point in the competition, I am pulling for Justin, the self taught shooter, and now Cliff who pulled himself through a tough challenge against jackass Gary's prediction.........   heh.

The fact that Gary puffed up like a toad when Cliff kicked ass made my day.

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