Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Comments on Top Shot

So far I do not like Jake, I think that he's an ass.

I was quite happy that the red team beat the blue team in the team challenge, especially since Jake was unable to catch the last red team guy to shoot. ....

Good stuff.


  1. Weird with no TV (other than the blogshoot target, of course).

    I'll watch online this weekend or something, but it's cool to see your commentary first.

  2. It should be available online sometime today, BP.

  3. Agreed, Belle. I did a little fist pump to myself when the red team won last night, and Jake is really coming off poorly from the get go. As for Dustin? I have to say I was mightily impressed with his skills for being self taught, with no training military or otherwise. Despite her credentials, Sara's training went out the window when tested - and I was disappointed. North and I had both wanted the women in this season to be strong contenders. That didn't happen.

  4. Same here Maura. Sara certainly has the creds. Did I hear her say after the elimination match that she wasn't used to having someone shoot next to her? It appeared to me that she was "thinking" her way through her training as she was shooting and it was slowing her down. Which, to my untrained eye, indicates that her training really didn't sink in. Or, she just totally psyched herself out.

  5. I would love to see some of those cool targets at a range. Not sure how you could do it cost effectively though. I also agree. Jake is a pompous ass. I can't wait to see him thrown into a challenge. I also think he would have been there if the group had stuck with his instructions on everyone voting for Sara. Although I think she would have still lost based on her performance. The other shooter did get some cred from it too. Which he needed being a camp counselor on a team with some former military bad asses.


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