Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well there goes some more paint off the Beater Van

I'm more than willing to take one for the team. It's raining again. Yay us!
It's a might windy outside, but we are getting the wonderful August thunderstorm lightning shows. Better than Fireworks!
The power keeps browning out.
And no comments on my edging job on the driveway. It was dark last night when I did it.

update: Well alrighty then, I may have to recant my "better than fireworks" comment. We just had a lightning strike on the street and it sounded like someone fired off a howitzer in my front yard. Car alarms went off all down the street and my smoke detectors were mewling like scared mice. (that was strange) Now it's getting ugly out there.


  1. Fireworks are good at a certain distance, but not when they go off in the spectator stands!

  2. At least you're getting rain. All we're getting (so far) is a lot of wind and a light show.

    : (

  3. Were getting it good here too. I want the rain to stay but thunder and lightening to stop. Kids are trying to go to sleep and little one has enough problems without the extra ruckus.

    The ones that hit the street are run to watch though you see little spinning balls all over the place kinda of like a pack of jumping jacks but brighter.

    Have seen one take a tree root and blow a hole through the drive and eve of a friends house. Been on the water sailing and had all my hair stand up and not a single sound. That one was freaky.


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