Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Bane of the Help Desk

I started to post a comment over at  Borepatch's place, which in short order turned into a soliloquy.
So I ctrl C'ed it, and brought it home.
The family help desk.

This would be why when the cold calls come in telling me that they can do IT support remotely, for far less "money", I tell them I don't believe you.
The magnificent remote IT guy salesman does not know exactly how to react to that statement. The call usually ends shortly thereafter.
I am not an IT guy in real life but I play one in real life.
User: " I got an error message"
me: "what did it say"
User: "I don't know, I closed it"
me:' " ok, I'll be there in a minute"
I know if I hooked one of these remote IT maintenance firms into a set monthly fee contract, my users could bankrupt them inside of three months.

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  1. Yah. Some of the users are probably still looking for the "Any" key


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