Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mocking and Interpretive "Prose" on the Fed Budget

Next Phase of Budget Battle Could Test Tea Party Resolve
The headline at Fox News.
The influence of the Tea Party is about to endure a critical test, as lawmakers enter the second chapter of their deficit-reduction plan after approving a record increase in the debt ceiling.
Even Fox News has stumbled and fallen into the kool-aid bubble. They don't get it do they? Our collective backs are against the wall. There is no more room to back up.
"Tea Party direction of this Congress the last few months has been very, very disconcerting," Reid said, and he predicted things are going to start to change around Capitol Hill."
"Disconcerting". Which means, "stop calling my office, it's annoying my staff!
"There must be a sharing of sacrifice," Reid said. "We've had too much talk the last few days of Republicans ... saying there will be no revenue. That's not going to happen."
By "sharing" Harry means the tax paying American People need to shut up and bend over.
GOP lawmakers claim the bill didn't contain tax hikes and the committee won't allow tax hikes.
Which means that there are tax hikes in the bill and the committee will be hard pressed, but successful in finding yet another emergency that requires the tax hikes.

I've decided that since we do not have term limits for all those jackwagons, the solution to our problem is to make them hate their job so much that they will get acid reflux every night and just quit. The election cycle is just too, too slow.
Being that much of an obnoxious sphincter flies in the face of everything we believe and our sense of decorum and dignity as conservatives, but I assure you, you can do it. And, as long as you remain aware of the fact that you are doing it, you can return from that abyss and resume your life as you knew it.
I have been there. I know it is possible to channel your inner A-hole, and return to the civilized and rational.
As a public service announcement , if you are not aware that you are being a sphincter when you do it, you are a liberal, or soon to be shot or incarcerated.

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