Monday, August 8, 2011

Car Shopping for the youngest Girl Child

I'm leaning domestic (whatever that means these days). Belle's chevy and Boo's chevy both have engines made in Ijerkyoustan, or somewhere or other. So well made, they deemed it not necessary to provide a dipstick for the transmission. So I've read, there is a level check "port", from which a plug must be removed and while the engine is running, you stick your FINGER in the hole. Yeah...No, I think not.
We're shopping for a car in which the youngest girl child can have her first accident. I'm not being pessimistic. just statistical. So far, with 3 now "young adults" driving, we are 2 for 3 in the accident category. One....managed to have three accidents, one of which was backing into the beater van parked directly behind "her" the driveway. Another gave the Cherokee, coincidentally, the Cherokee (as in American Indian) punishment for infidelity by a squaw. Which was having their nose cut off.
The unnamed girl child managed to remove everything outboard of the radiator. Everything.
I'm leaning domestic not because I have the "buy 'merican" thing going. Japanese cars do tend to last longer, but a quick search of parts prices for, say, a 2001 Honda Accord vs. a 2001 Ford Focus yield: Rear motor mount - Honda $65, Ford $16. I rest my case your Honor.
So the search begins.
K, the 2001 Saturn L200 is right out.
Recall info:
"The passenger air bag inflator modules were built without the correct amount of generant, which produces the gas that fills the air bag. Some were built with a double load of generant and some were built without generant. "
So the air bag blows your head off, or fails to deploy. Good riddance Saturn.
Ugh, I hate car shopping.


  1. "Some were built with a double load of generant and some were built without generant."

    Measured over time they were all made with the right amount.

  2. Average that as your head hits the dash....


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