Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's not a bug, it's a feature

so blogger was down while they updated some things. One of which is a new interface for the users.
I give them an F for Fail.  While I was waiting for blogger to become available again, I was composing (composing, sounds all official and stuff doesn't it?) a rather long post.
The "new" and " improved" text font, style and color widgets pretty much ate the first paragraph of my post. To the point where after trying multiple times to "fix" it, I gave up.
In addition, the Bells A Ringing homepage sidebars are still, and I apologize in advance, fucked up.
You just can't get anything good for free these days can you. I think the federal government should get involved in this. They do the "free" thing for the downtrodden so well.
 I demand my right to a free blog hosting site that works!


  1. This is so filled with Win that it hurts.

  2. I wonder what I'm doing different. I currently (and for some time now) have no problems.

  3. Brigid was having similar problems. it appears everything is back where it's supposed to be now.

  4. now that I think about it Bluesun, I'll take blogger problems over skunks and racoons any day.


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