Monday, August 8, 2011

Top Shot Season 3 Premier

Tomorrow night, 10 Eastern, 9 Central the season premier of Top Shot begins.  We will be doing a live blog again during the show right here.  I can't wait!  Hope to see you all here!


  1. I'll be there with belles on.


  2. Hey- we have the History channel here at the hotel in Dallas.
    Looks like I might be on the liveblog feed.
    woo hoo!

  3. Obama, whether we like it or not is our President and he will be with us till January of 2013. In a very sad Blog I just published I call for him to be a Leader, because Leadership is what we need, and Reid is not leading, Boehner is not Leading. If the Republicans only control one house of congress, then the Tea Party only has 87 representatives who can make the point that it truly "Is the Economy, Stupid" (who'da thunk I'd be quoting Clinton).

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    By the way; thanks for the kind words.


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