Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True Love

Apparently the cat that disdains all humans, missed me over the weekend.
She is laying on the arm rest next to me as I type and she is purring. I would not be so honored if she had thumbs and could open her own canned cat food.


  1. Or a beer for her favorite owner. :-)

  2. Dogs think they're people.
    Cats think they're God.


  3. Ah, I fear that if cats COULD open the cans we would all be dead!

  4. If cats could open ammo boxes and throw bolts...!

  5. Big Guy: people think dogs are people.
    Dogs think people are dogs. It's why the males hump our legs.
    Cats know they are god. Cats think people are cats, it's why my female cat rubs up on me and shakes her tail and "cooch" at me when it's feeding time.
    What is it with females anyway?

  6. I feel all sullied and unusual all the sudden.


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