Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perry's feet of clay, and other crap

I knew it wouldn't take long for the Gardisil vaccine issue to come up.  Michele Malkin flogs Perry pretty good in a long, and frequently updated article.  Her indignation and ire are not unfounded.
 Pretty much the whole State of Texas had a whiskey tango foxtrot reaction when this was going down.  Personally, I've never forgiven the man for attempting to mandate the vaccine.  I have three daughters.
The other tidbits rising to the top of the cesspool in the blogosphere are Perry's crony capitalism and his push for the Trans Texas Corridor.  Environmentalists were unhappy due to the massive width of the proposed corridor. Landowners were mightily peeved over the state's exercise of eminent domain given that the corridor would have consumed just shy of 600,000 acres. The rest of us were none to happy that a Spanish toll road development company, Cintra, would be collecting the toll revenue.
The Trans Texas Corridor keeps popping up in other re-branded legislation like a bad zombie movie. It brings to mind a variation on an old joke,"what's the difference between gonorrhea and the trans-texas corridor? you can get rid of the gonorrhea."
If they haven't already, I'm sure the libs will beat him to death with the "loser pays" legislation here in Texas.  In abridged terms, you bring a lawsuit in Texas and you lose, you pay.  Some years back legislation was passed limiting malpractice lawsuits against Doctors. There was much gnashing of teeth and wailing by the democrats socialists and of course the Loiyas (also known as "Attorneys"). It was Armageddon and Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption all rolled into one, so they said. It was the End of the Freaking World!
Hasn't turned out that way.  So yes, loser pays may keep the occasional righteous plaintiff with a marginal case from bringing a lawsuit with the assistance of a loiya working on contingency.  It will definitely keep bottom feeder loiyas from bringing spurious lawsuits, and I suspect make this state a much less expensive location to do business.
It's not so much that I'm bashing Perry, I voted for the SOB man, being the lesser of 3 or 4 evils.
I'm just removing his shoes to show his feet of clay. Son of a sharecropper or not, he is a politician.
Being that opinions are, and everyone has them, my thoughts on the other candidates.

Ron Paul is like good lie; there is just enough fact there to make it plausible, other than that, I think the man is an isolationist and a wingnut. (his son, Rand Paul, however, shows some promise)

Mitt Romney: I could care less that the guy is a Mormon. The decaying carcass of RomneyCare hanging around his neck is an absolute non-starter for me. And, he doesn't even pass the smell test for a RINO.

Michele Bachmann:  I like what I've read and seen, but that is a short history. She showed up on my radar with the tea party.  As Borepatch noted in a comment a few days back regarding Perry, Ms. Bachmann is an "unknown poison" to me.  So I'll keep my eye on her.  If I had to vote right this second, I could cast a vote for her.

Herman Cain:  I love this guy.  And, when he first threw his hat in the ring, I was all "Hell Yeah!" able and straight forward as he is, were he to win the office of the POTUS, the inner beltway leaches in DC would eat him alive.  Business in the real world is reality.  Politics on the federal level is the worst kind of Kabuki Theater Nightmare there is, and requires selling your soul (and all of your constituents souls for that matter) to the Devil. There's a reason Presidents go in looking 50 and come out looking 70.

Newt Gingrich: ??? sit down and shut up. If you are lucky you'll still have a gig on Fox News as a political analyst.  Your services are no longer required. Personally, I think this run at the office is to build a retirement account from his campaign donations. After all, after it's all said and done, what remains of his campaign war chest is his..right?
John Huntsman:  Who?

Rick Santorum: Finished in the Iowa straw poll behind the guy that quit.
Tim Pawlenty:

And there's a whole bunch of "write in" candidates out there hoping to siphon off 0.0001% of the vote. So, I'll offer an equivalent opinion on those guys....."No".

Where is Ralph Nader anyway.  Did that guy finally kick the bucket?
He was almost as much fun as Pat Paulson:
Embed thingy no workie so I'll just have to post a link.

postcript: if you do nothing else, click that link and watch the video, it is an absolute hoot!


  1. Epic rant.

    Dude, we need to drink beers some time, not jusa "a beer" over lunch.

  2. Yeah, Perry isn't my dream candidate either. He's cleaned up his act somewhat with the rise of the teaparty, but only time will tell if the conversion is genuine or just for political expediency.

    Something to keep in mind, though:

    Dream candidates are just that = Dreams. Even Reagan's actual record had stuff in it that I didn't like, and he is a Conservative Icon to me.

    The candidates that lend themselves to criticism the most tend to be the candidates that have actually DONE SOMETHING in life. Given any kind of track record you're probably going to find something in a politician's past that ooks you out. The only ones that tend to get a walk on this these days are the ones we know nothing (or virually nothing) about.

    It's the "unknown poison" factor that you spoke about. It was hard to hammer Obama on his record of achievment the first campaign for this reason (and others). Not such a problem this time around, of course.

    Obviously I wouldn't promote voting for someone that you disagreed with more often than not, or whom you differed with on an issue of highest importance to you. Just don't reject The Good while waiting for The Perfect, or you'll have a very long wait punctuated by many dissapointments.


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