Sunday, August 7, 2011

Worn out today

Belle and I had a great time yesterday, hanging with TheBigGuy, but man am I wiped out today.
I stayed up way past my bedtime. After lunch we went by Tomball Pawn to check out their selection of guns, where we learned of an indoor shooting range of which we were not aware. Tomball Pawn had some really nice toys. We weren't far away from Spring, so we saddled up and headed over to Spring Guns & Ammo to do some shooting. Belle rented her favorite, the Springfield XDM 9mm. TBG rented a Beretta 92Fs, I think it was. Belle and I traded off on shooting the Springfield and fired a few rounds through the Beretta as well. That is one nice handgun. Belle's starting to reconsider her choice for the handgun she wants to buy.
TBG and his partner hung in there for quite a while at last night's dart tournament. What a day we had. We played hard for a good 12 hours. It felt like I was away on vacation.


  1. Had no Idea they were there. They are a little ways away though.

    Have you been to Shiloh Shooting Center?
    They are on Shiloh Church rd. Just past Cutten on Hwy 6. Where I took my CHL and have been shooting for several years. Which I regret to say has not been often enough as of late.

  2. I have not been to Shiloh. Belle might have though. After she took her handgun class, she was a born again gunny for a while there, and turning a fair amount of cash into noise.


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