Monday, August 15, 2011

No wonder

No wonder employers aren't hiring new people.

I have been doing journal entries that were way behind, at the new job.  I'm looking at the taxes that my employer pays.

FUTA (federal unemployment) avg. $300 per week
SUTA (state unemployment) avg. $1,000 per week
Medicare avg. $2500-3000 per week
Social Security avg. $8000 per week
This of course doesn't include the employee portion of Medicare and Social Security, just the employer side and it doesn't include income taxes that he pays at the end of the year, along with various licenses, permits, EPA fees, Workman's Comp insurance, which is mandated by the Federal Government (roughly 20K per month). 
We roughly have 160 employees.  It's obscene.

Government needs to get out of the damned way!

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