Monday, August 8, 2011

The Obama Effect

The stock market lost more than 600 points today.

Obama gave a statement on TV today and while he was speaking, they were showing a split screen of the stock market ticker and it was steadily falling with every lying, slimey, can't take responsibility for being an unqualified buffoon, blame everyone else, word out of his idiotic mouth.

Coincidence?  I think not.

I am so sick of this jackass in office and I'm sick of the idiots in Congress.  We need to vote them out... vote them all out.

One thing that the USA always had was our good name.  The world knew that we could pay our debts, but now even that has fallen.  Why?  Because the left has created a 'gimme' mentality in their constituency and have consistently punished those who work hard and are successful by taxing them to death so that the libtards can continue to buy votes.  Why work when someone else will pay your bills?

The Lee's Summit Conservative has a good article on the new rating  I suggest that you all go and read it.  The guy is a smart guy and has a pretty cool blog.

On the radio today, I kept hearing the campaign speech that Obama gave when he was talking about wealth being a pie and how everyone needs a piece of the pie.  What liberals tend to forget is that to really enjoy a piece of pie and appreciate that pie, you need to make the damned thing yourself.  Why do they think that it's okay to demand someone else's pie?  Why do they think that wealth is some closed, circular thing with limited amounts?  Wealth is limitless if government stays the hell out of the way!

Okay, now I'm kind of ranting and raving like the crazy bag-lady on the park bench, but I'm pissed off.  The problem is not just the democrats it's the republicans as well.  The republicans, unfortunately, are our best hope though which is flipping scary since they have no idea how to govern.  (more on that later)

Anyway, I'm going to go and calm down a bit before I give myself acid reflux.

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