Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I saw a commercial tonight featuring Michelle Obama and an unknown (to me) woman.  The theme was 'joining forces' and the commercial was for an organization helping the military and their families.

This bothers me to no end because I believe that Michelle Obama is merely doing this commercial to score her goofy husband some points with the military.

It's obvious to me that this is the real motive for the simple fact that Michelle Obama has proven on numerous occasions that she has no respect for our military and she thinks that our Air Force exists to provide her personal taxi service when she wants to steal a jet and get the fuck out of dodge on vacation ahead of her husband.

I'm sick of those two in the White House.  Vote them out............   please!


  1. Barry especially. He should be eaten by a dragon and then eliminated.

  2. Can't stand hypocrits. Considering the White House blew off the VFW this year (the first time the White House has EVER dissed the VFW), any juxtoposition with either of those two asshats with the military makes me ill.

  3. That hypocritical, racist, piece of crap fraud of an American can kiss my red, white and blue proud veteran's ASS.

    I put her and her worthless scumbag raghead-sympathizing embarrassment to the Oval Office damn near in the same category I do Jane Fonda, John "Swift Boat" Kerry and other assholes who cling to the coattails of the military ONLY when it serves some ulterior motive for them.

    F-bomb them!


  4. AOA: You are holding back again.

  5. ditto what AOA said.
    I'd add Billiums and Shrillery to that list.


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