Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a quick thank you....

I would like to thank both North and Borepatch for participating in last night's live blog.  TBG got hung up at work or he would have been there so a thanks to him for thinking of us.  Teke apparently had some technical difficulty so couldn't make it there.

It was fun, though participation was lower than last season's finale live blog.  We will do another live blog at the season finale of this season.  I have a feeling that will be more popular because folks have had a season to figure out who they hope will win, etc.


  1. I'm crushed that I couldn't make.
    Actually, my regret that I missed the liveblog is larger than the regret that I feel for missing the first episode.
    After all, reruns are inevitable; Social interactions with friends are to be revered and not missed without good cause.

  2. I was happy to participate. It was a lot of fun, even after Belle became drunk and unruly. And abusive and vulgar. And naked.

    TBG: I added your blog to my roll. If you add "North" to yours I think it will fit in nicely as it is a short name - it should fill a spot. :-)

  3. North! You weren't supposed to tell!

  4. "even after Belle became drunk and unruly. And abusive and vulgar. And naked"

    Damn, I miss all the fun.

    Drat my desktop being in a different room than the tv! I was able to "phone it in", though... :-)


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