Saturday, November 12, 2011

BAR Blogshoot Dos

What a grand day!  There really is something to the recoil therapy meme. I find I unwind right around the time I just begin to feel it in my right shoulder.   The lovely Belle and I met Borepatch and Josh at Lonestar Gun Range in Lockhart, TX this morning. Ye Old Furt couldn't make this one, squinted at me, and told my I better take lots of pics.  So, I did.
We brought our entire, but meager arsenal. Borepatch  was already punching holes in paper with that awesome Enfield of his when we rolled up. What a fine piece of shooty history that is.  We finally got a new memory card for the better camera, so on to the pics.
On initial deployment, Belle looks on, Josh spots ,  Borepatch sights in the Enfield and let's one rip!
Wait..that didn't sound right at all.

Borepatch tweaks the new sling he got for the Enfield.
Belle looks on. She had that "want one" gleam in her eye all day.

Belle loads up for her first shot with BP's Enfield

Borepatch was comparing the .303 SKS ** round from his Enfield to Belle's 7.62x54R from her Tokarev, so I asked him to hand model them for a pic. Two very serious little cans of whoop-ass right there.
A bit of moisturizer, and BP could have himself a whole nuther side line income stream.

That's some sloppy shootin rat thar!  50 yards.  I claim 4 of those. Ok, five. Alright, at least half are mine. Little bitty holes: Rocky, the .22LR saddle gun. Middlin sized holes via Natasha, Belle's Tokarev. Daddy Bear sized holes courtesy of the 20 ga. slugs. Man those are fun to shoot. (Boris came later)

We moved on to a bigger target, the blueman silhouette.
Today's weather was a far sight better than BAR Blogshoot Uno. Partly cloudy and way cooler. (by a good 30 degrees).  Belle lines up on blue man 50 yards down range with Natasha (her Tokarev).

If we get to a SHTF situation, I'm sticking with Boris.  Just for comparison, smaller holes from the Tokarev.  The nice big bright white holes from Boris, the 12 ga. 3 inch mag with slugs. It's a pump, rather light, and kicks like a mule, but it fires for effect. The other thing I like is, I can see the holes with my nekid eye at 50 yards. Josh manned up and took a crack at Boris. I should have taken a pic, but I was just watching him out of the corner of my eye. Brutal wasn't it Josh?

On to the the Target Of The Day!   Courtesy of Borepatch. I cannot tell you how much more fun it is to shoot Bart than blueman silhouette target.
Bart looks a bit pensive. (he's got a few .22LR holes in him at this point)

Belle was the first to hit Bart with the Enfield, last shot in the mag. (At 100 yards and iron sights, mind you)  The two guys to our left spamming rounds down range with their ARs even cheered. I took a crack at Bart with the Tokarev. High on the first shot. Bart hopped with a major ouchy on the second.
I didn't know I could hit anything that far away!
The dramatic Bart shot of the day goes to Borepatch. Right out of a John Wayne WWII movie. BP pegged Bart with his Enfield. Bart hopped about two feet up the berm and did the quintessential dead man arm flop roll back down laying face down in the dirt.
I wish I had video to post.
The Postmortem Morgue pics.
Notice the shot in the eye socket. Looks like a .22 to me. (I'm Pc challenged, I apologize, I can't help it.)
The shot that makes me cross my legs is further South, right in the winky. Josh is a mean, mean man.

Of course, after Bart had been "hopped" and knocked over he was given no quarter. Somebody got a glancing head shot.  The styrofoam peanut bleedout in the wind was horrific. (K, already told you I can't help it.) Borepatch attempted to administer first aid by re-stuffing Bart's peanut brains with his thumbs, but it was a lost cause.

Exit wounds.

Left side:

Bart is not feeling well at all.
The Pistol Range was a bit crowded, so we all shared the back up blueman target.

Rumor has it that Borepatch's sweet, sweet 1911 whispered sweet nothings to Josh.
End of the shooty goodness and off to Black's Barbecue in Lockhart.
The day wasn't completely consumed with adolescent joy in poking holes through Bart. We strolled down the street and took in some of the local architecture.  The Caldwell County Courthouse.

As we strolled, the conversation never abated. We found ourselves Occupying street corners as I made my ham fisted attempts at photography, and discussing the world. Reflection upon the events in which you have particpated are equally as good as the event, in my opinion. I will continue to think about this for some days to come.

** Corrected per BP's comment


  1. Thank you for the pics. I shall now go and have a good cry and go on to work. BWAAAAAAA!!!

  2. We missed you YOF! We'll have another one in the spring, perhaps you make that one.

  3. I read this post this morning before there were any comments and have to admit I felt a tiny twinge of guilt for ol' Bart. NOT that I wouldn't have liked to take a crack at him myself ...definitely would have been fun! But on break now from the morning chores, I came back to see if there were any comments yet and now I feel a big twinge of guilt poor YOF!

    My trip to see the kids in San Antonio was planned far in advance, but we had every intention of YOF attending the shoot and me meeting up with you guys on the way home. Lockhart is just a minor detour from the usual route to and from the kids' house and I can always be bribed for good BBQ. But the transmission going out in the little truck nixed our plans. Not my fault, but I still feel bad for YOF missing out on all that shooty goodness. Maybe next time, definitely next time!

    Well, there's nothing I can do for ol' Bart but I can sure do my best to make this up to YOF when he gets home tonight. I already got a grin from him when I told him what's on the menu for supper. We'll start there and see where we end up!


  4. Next time, YOF.

    Great writeup. I do want to add that the two cartridges are Russian, the long one for the Tokarev, the short one for an SKS.

  5. Thanks for the fun shooty goodbess. It was fun to put a face with the names.


  6. I hope I can make the next one. I have a "Tickle Me Elmo doll that the toddler is done with that REALLY needs to meet a ballistic end.


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