Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why am I putting myself through this?

Sitting here, working on a global warming uberpost, I'm watching, sort of, the Republican debate (again).
I got into it late, but saw a post on a site that indicated the moderators got booed when they pig piled on Cain regarding the skanks that are accusing him of random hand gestures sexual harrasment.
Rick Perry's mouth works a whole lot faster than his brain. I mean really Rick, you couldn't take the time in your long political career to join a Toastmaster's Group to learn how to speak publicly off the cuff? He was on a roll and was going to name 3 federal agencies he would do away with and completely blanked on the third agency's name. Even after being asked again by the liberal jackal moderator, with a few seconds to think about it, he still blanked.
Herman Cain needs to expunge the word "Now!" from his speech pattern, and I'm tired of hearing about the 9-9-9 plan, this is not 9 pizzas for 9 dollars in 9 minutes. This is not the answer to every question. And, even with a Republican controlled Senate and House, it would never get off the ground. (my sister and the rest of the CPA's in this country would Occupy DC.)
I'm sick to death of Romney's smirky gaze upon the other Candidates as they respond that projects, "Oh, what a naive political rube you are." It's almost a visual patronizing pat on the head.
The answer to the question, "How do you open Chinese markets to American Businesses" is not "blah, blah, blah, blah".  The correct answer is "you don't, and don't worry about it".  China, is about to implode in a big way. They have been driving their GDP by building high speed train systems to nowhere, and entire cities with no one in them. Oh, and China is holding a ridiculous amount of US debt. (great investment there Chicoms) A recent down tick, ok California sized mudslide, in real estate prices in China is the warning rumble of the earthquake to come.
The moderators seem to think they are doing an interview rather than a debate, as they keep interrupting the candidates responses, with follow up questions. Only Newt isn't playing the game.
One thing I'm seeing that I like is push back from the audience and Gingrich on the patently liberal meme of the questions. The moderators are actually looking quite irritated at times. "How dare they, we are the Main Stream Media, they don't think, we tell them what to think".
One line from the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora" about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that I saw decades ago that really stuck with me was a Japanese General saying, "We have awakened a Dragon".
The Progs became impatient and the genie is out of the bottle, never to go back in. They have awakened a Dragon, the hard working average American Citizen. And that Dragon is sorely pissed.
Jeez, as I'm typing , Perry is talking about Lobbyists in DC, and blanking out again. He's the last person that needs to be waxing lyrical about lobbyists or Crony Capitalism for that matter.  Oy, the acid reflux. After reading through this pablum again, apparently I'm feeling a bit cynical tonight.
Post debate:
Cain gets introduced as "Live Presidential Candidate, Herman Cain". Yep, he  looks like a viable pregnancy to me.  I may have misheard the question, but I could swear the interviewer referred to the former Speaker of the House as "Princess Pelosi"...nah, couldn't be.
And now the nooz is picking it's nose interviewing another journalist nooz person.
Bachman is stumbling through her post debate interview. ewwww, she just gave kudos to the questions CNBC asked in the debate.  Might as well stick your nose up an occupier's ass.
That's all I can stands.

After thought: Why does Romney's spine go fucking rigid every time he responds to a question?

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