Friday, November 18, 2011

My version of first world problems

oMg! the last functioning fluorescent tube in the kitchen light fixture burned out this morning at, srsly, 5 am this morning! It's DARK and I need Coffee!  And, LIKE, I have a plane to catch that is all the way on the other side of town! And, So, Like I totally can't deal with this right now! And, then, when I get back I'll have to, like, get a chair, or go in the garage and get a step ladder, JUST so I can read the numbers on the tubes...If they are actually turned the right way so I can actually see them! And the thing that really sucks is that, THEN, I'll have to go to the home dee pot!

hmmm, couldn't quite find the 14 year old state of zen. Perhaps a few more "likes", "totallys", or "sryslys"?
I know... I need some OWS dreads and a dirty stocking cap!
No, not working, now my head is just itching.

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