Saturday, November 5, 2011


As we were getting ready to leave for the glof tournament at "remind me again why I'm getting up this early on Saturday / thirty" this morning, I'm watching the nooz.  The nooz reports that the National Restaurant Association has released one of the claimants from the nondisclosure agreement regarding Cain's purported sexual harassment and show a  clip of her loiya giving a  statement.  The loiya's statement is the same vacuous claptrap that Politico spewed out the first day. No detail or specifics whatsoever.
Cain's poll numbers took a bit of a hit from this tripe. I'm not saying that there weren't two or three such suits brought against Cain or the NRA. I'm absolutely sure there were. Were they bonified? I suspect not. Given the amounts of the settlements, the resolutions were a business decision on the part of Cain and the NRA. "You can take this settlement offer and your lawsuit and go away, or, we'll spend the money to excoriate you in court." I've seen this in action personally. Not a sexual harassment suit, but a multi-million dollar civil suit. The moment the liability insurance folks get involved, the merits of the case no longer count. Every discussion from that point revolves around negotiating the amount money that will change hands. Innocence, Guilt or the Merits of the claim are never to be spoken of again.

Is my opinion of Cain swayed by this attempted lynching?  Not in the least.  Based on Cain's polling numbers, apparently I'm not the only one that isn't buying this bullshit.

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