Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Irony or Karma?

Things are slow at work right now, so I was going to continue my travels down the blog list at The Gun Blog Blacklist when "Whoopsie Daisy!"...North's tribute to The Feral Irishman's Blogiversary scrolled up on the office 'puter screen complete with umpteen zillion girlie pics.  Abort! Abort!
Fodder for a sexual harassment complaint right there.  Jeez, one little snarky post about Cain's accusers and this happens.
It could be days before that post scrolls down far enough for TGBB to be SFW again. I'm already experiencing withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Yeah...

    luckily my computer doesn't face anyone and the only other person is my boss.

  2. There's a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.
    (Did I say that?)


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