Thursday, November 10, 2011

Well this shoots a hole in my theory

that Evil people seem to live forever. Fidel Castro, Ted Kennedy, George Soros come to mind, although Kennedy did finally shuffle off this mortal coil.  I really began to think it would never happen.

I wonder if there is a cumulative sigh of relief in Venezuela, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"President Hugo Ch├ívez’s cancer is spreading faster than expected and his doctors fear that he may have only a few months left to live..."

If I was a Venezuelan citizen, I don't think I'd be fearing Chavez's demise in and of itself.  Although, the new boss could be worse than the old boss. Big shoes to fill though.

Since 2002, Chavez has ordered the seizure of something in the vicinity of 2000 companies.  Maxine Waters thinks he's just a great guy.
Chavez was "elected" in 1999 and decided he liked it so much, he'd just stay. BillyBob Clinton thinks this is a capital idea. He'd still be in office as well if it weren't for that pesky 22nd Amendment.

Aside from nationalizing (Nationalizing Maxine, that's the word you were looking for) everything in sight, Chavez's rapacious spending has driven GDP down and Inflation up.  Violent crime is up.  Food prices are up and food supplies are increasingly scarce.  Unemployment is officially at 8.2%, but heavily skewed. They count you as employed if you work one hour per month. Obummer gives two thumbs up on Chavez's economic policies and his statistical methodologies in particular.

Gee, this all sounds so familiar.
Like so many of my posts this started as one thing a morphed into another. Blogging can be such a learning experience.  

I've discovered that I'm going to be living in Venezuela and I'm not even going to have to move.

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  1. And add a homicide rate of 60 per 100,000
    Only 5 of every 100 murders are solved.


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