Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday KX59

Today is KX59's birthday he turned 52 today.  Happy birthday my beloved husband and I hope that you have many, many more!  Every day with you is more beautiful than before you came into my life.  I can't express enough how much I love and cherish you.

Yesterday was really nice.  The one and only son was home for the weekend and the three of us went out for an early dinner at a seafood restaurant.  The food was good and it was great seeing the son.

I keep hoping that hubby will say that he wants to buy himself something shooty for his birthday but he keeps saying he wants a Kindel Fire that's coming out soon.  Oh well, it's HIS birthday after all.

Heh.... I really am my father's daughter.  If I were getting his present, I would have gone out and bought something shooty for hubby so that I can shoot it too.  That was always a tactic of dad's when it came to gifts for my mother.  One year he got her a real nifty meat slicer, another year, he bought her a radial arm saw.  Though I will say that with the saw, it was a good gift for mom since she worked with dad when dad was doing carpentry.  Mom would cut the wood, dad would nail it up.  Mom was good good with that radial arm saw that she would crank out the wood and dad would have to get her to slow down because she could do it obscenely faster than he could put it up.

Those were the days.

Today is my hubby's day and I hope that it's a good one for him.


  1. Happy Birthday kx59! Many returns!

    A young 52, huh? Shooty stuff? Like what... maybe I could bring something to tempt?

  3. Anything you want to bring YOF! I think he regrets not shooting the Colts.

    I am wanting to get him a pistol but he's still a little unsure on what he wants to get. I'm going to talk him into renting a Smith & Wesson M&P at the range on Saturday and see how he likes that one.

  4. Happy b-day! You still a young pup!

  5. Wow, thank you all! (eesneaky shouthern belle)
    That brightened my day. As John Glenn noted,"There is still no cure for the common birthday."


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