Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cain/Gingrich Debate

I have to say that this was the classiest debate that I've seen in ages.  Both men handled themselves well and they were able to speak in depth about the issues that were proposed.

The two candidates compliment each other very well and it would truly make a fine ticket.  I do have to say that I think that Gingrich would do better as VP considering his years in Congress and Cain, with his executive experience in the private sector would do quite well in the Oval Office.

So, as far as who won tonight?  I think that it was pretty much a draw, though Newt is so well spoken and with his vast historical knowledge may have won this one but not by a landslide.

The line of the night came at the very end.  They were each allowed to ask a question of each other and Cain asked Newt, "If you were Vice President.............. (this brought down the house with laughter and Newt was laughing so hard that his face was turning red)......    what is the first task that you would  want your President to give you?

All in all it was a great debate.  My only hope is that we see a Cain/Gingrich or vice versa ticket!

Okay I lied, that's not my only hope...  my other hope is that Romney and Perry don't decide to match up like this.......  that would be horrible.

This also begs the question..........   If we had a Perry/Paul (or any other candidate other than Romney) debate... would Rick Perry still mention Mitt Romney every other sentence?


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