Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A little theory: Why the media is force-feeding us excrement sandwiches

I've been doing some thinking lately and I have a theory about this upcoming Republican Primary.

It seems to me that the main stream media is trying their hardest to pick the nominee rather than allowing the people to do it.  At this point, it's abundantly clear to me that the MSM wants Romney as the nominee because there is so little difference between him and Obama that the conservative base will not bother to show up and vote, which would give Obama another 4 years.  Also, Romney is the closest to Obama regarding ideaology that it makes him more palitable to the media.

That said, I believe that they also think that somehow Romney is entitled to the nomination this time around since he was beaten in the last primary by McCain.  If my memory is correct, Romney was second to McCain for the nomination last time around.

Now, stay with me here because we are going to go back in time to the Primary before that, which would have been 1999.  Remember, McCain lost to Bush by a fairly close margin and McCain, along with the MSM felt cheated out of that nomination.  That feeling, if you recall, is what inspired McCain-Feingold aka Campaign Finance Reform to be passed (I call that bill 'The Sour Grapes Bill').

So, because everyone, including McCain, the MSM and the Republican establishment seemed to think that somehow McCain was owed the last nomination, no other strong, conservative candidate presented themselves up for the nomination (except for Ron Paul).  Mitt Romney was a close second to McCain and the MSM pounded Romney on everything from Romeny Care to his religion.  The MSM managed to convince the public that McCain was owed the nomination and we ended up with a weak candidate, which didn't fire up the base enough to get out and vote and which ultimately ended up as a win for Obama.

So let's fast forward to present times.  Romney lost to McCain in the last primary and now he and the MSM think that the Republican voters owe him the nomination.  No longer is the MSM focusing on what's wrong with Romney.  Now they're focusing their attentions on anyone who challenges Mitt in this race.

They've viciously attacked Michelle Bachman (showing their mysogenistic attitude)  while actively ignoring Ron Paul and Rick Santorum (the two most conservative in the race).  Huntsman has never been an issue, the guy is just way too out of touch.

They've attacked Rick Perry and even took out an add in an Austin newspaper offering to pay money to anyone who might have slept with Rick Perry if they would come forward. When that didn't work, they found a rock on a deer lease (which wasn't even his lease or his land) where Perry may or may not have hunted that had a racial slur which was painted over and the rock turned over so that the marked out word faced the ground.  Granted, Rick Perry turned out to be a disaster because while the man gives good speeches, he's horrible at speaking on the fly during a debate.

Then it was Herman Cain gaining ground on Romney and they've done everything they can to try and destroy this man's life.  I have no idea if Cain is another Bill Clinton when it comes to women but the fact that they are willing to dig into his personal life and destroy him after having excused Clinton, by screaming at the top of their lungs that it's noone's business what goes on between consenting adults and that it has no bering on his ability to hold the office of President, is hypocrisy at its worst.

Now, Newt is the new front runner and I promise you, they are going to be bringing up old infidelities and do their best to find new ones or do their best to dig up some sort of dirt on him that isn't recycled dirt but rather new and fresh dirt.

All of this is being done to ensure that Romney gets that nomination because after all, we owe Romney that nomination because we chose McCain and not him last time around.  Once that happens, and the actual campaigning gets under way, they will do their best to destroy Romney as well.  We will be hearing about his religion, though they can't really attack him on Romneycare since their golden-boy Obama has Obamacare.

The fact of the matter is, Romney does not excite the voters and if the MSM manages to get him nominated then many voters will just stay home because they know that it won't matter who's in office, it will be the same old shit, different establishment.

I simply cannot stand for that and I have news for Romney and the MSM..........   no one owes anyone a damned thing and no one is entitled to be nominated for the most important job, especially in such crucial times as these.

I am so sick of politics as usual and I'm ready for someone who will put America first.  I'm not saying that Gingrich is the one; however, he's a hell of a lot better than Romney.


  1. Mmmm... sh!t sandwich! And this one doesn't smell quite as ripe as that one over there!

    What a joke.

  2. I agree with you completely.

    Every time the next challenger emerges the MSM tries to chop of his head as it emerges from the hole.

    I am strongly in the anyone but Romney camp. Out of those I was ok with most but leary of Cain because of lack of knowlege. Any of the other majors were acceptable, Cain, Perry, Newt, Santorum, Paul (if he can keep his nuttiness in check).

    What is happening is that the MSM is trying to keep those in the A.B.R. (Anybody But Romney) camp from forming around 1 candidate. If they can keep us pocketed in with our candidate de-jour then Romney wins with the highest percentage of votes all below 50%.

    What needs to happen is a few of the other candidates step down and throw weight behind one challenger to Romney along with as a collective the A.B.R. camp starting to back one candidate to beat Romney.

    If this doesn't happen after the first few primaries were toast. Romney will be our guy and we get 4 more years of the big 0.


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