Monday, November 28, 2011

Really, really easy beef stew recipe

Recipe might be too high fallutin a word for it. It's more of an assembly of parts. And, this is a great assemblage of parts for the single male. not that, this is a "recipe" post not The Feral Irishman.
 I blame Bluesun for this post, he got me thinking (I try not to do that, but I can't help it some times)  So, if you don't like it, it's his fault. He posted up the proper way to deal with copious amounts of left over Ham. Mmmm Haaaaam.
My ever capable mother boiled this down to an easy to make meal. This is one of those you can que up in a crock pot on a timer and slow cook, arriving home as a single feral male to a really good hot meal.
Starts with some stew meat. Belle and I have two different approaches to this. She boils the meat in the stock. I brown the meat to "done" then add the stock.
A small bag of carrots and a small bag of golden potatoes, and pretty much whatever else you've got: Bell Pepper, Onion, Corn, Celery, Okra, yada yada.
Now to the stock for the stew, the most important part.
The Ingredients:
This is the most laborious part of the process. It requires stopping by the grocery store, finding the aisle marked "juices" and grabbing a half gallon bottle of V8 juice. I blame Maura for the "tease". Reading her blog makes me read labels now.
Yes it's just a bottle of V8 Juice! It's good by the time the potatoes and carrots are done and it's even better if slow cooked for half a day, and even better the next day as "left overs".  The longer the stew meat marinates in the V8, the more tender it gets.
Taters and carrots are done. Time to eat.
no pic, fluorescent tubes in the kitchen are burned out. Hey, I was trying to fish all last week.

edit: k, here it is.


  1. Ok, plus points for cooking in the dark! I will have to try this!

  2. Nice, don't even cut up the veggies!

    I like to dredge the meat in cornmeal before frying the meat, it gives you just one more bit of flavor.

  3. The full little potatoes are like mine:


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