Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home Again

Got back from the creek today and it's good to be home.  Vacation can be so exhausting, especially when you have a little one around.

It was a great weekend though and I was so happy to have Scooter with me, I miss her already.  As for the whole week, it was great to be with my youngest girl, Bootsie.  She's 18 and has grown up into such a beautiful and sweet (most of the time) young lady.  These past few years has been tough because she hasn't been around as much as she lives with her dad way across town (an hour drive one way) and is so busy with her school activities, I just don't get to see her as much.  Spending the whole week with her was wonderful and of course I miss her already, too.

It was a long drive home but I got Bootsie dropped off and then a very tired and sleepy Scooter.

Miss Kitty has immediately shown her pleasure at being back home again.  She likes going with us to the creek house but hates the drive down and back in her cage.  She really missed her backyard as she's gone in and out of the doggie door several times since she got home.  As for Penny, like any loyal and good dog, she's just happy to be wherever I am.

So in short order, I am going to head upstairs and curl up and enjoy sleeping in my own bed tonight.  While the creekhouse has every comfort of home, the mattresses down there suck ass.  My Temperpedic bed is calling my name, I think it missed me.

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