Monday, November 7, 2011

On Herman Cain

I have been silent on the Herman Cain sexual harrassment media frenzy.  I'm a supporter of Herman Cain and from what I can tell, the charges against him were filed with the National Restaurant Association and the NRA decided to give a settlement just to prevent having to spend costly court costs and lawyers fees for Herman Cain's defense.

Now there is a 4th woman who is claiming that she was harrassed by Cain but decided not to file a suit against him.

My only hope is that this is what I suspect.  A political hit against Cain simply because he is the current front runner.  My suspicion is that the press does not want anyone but Romney to get the nomination.  They want to pick our candidate for us.

However, what's blatantly obvious to me is that when women were coming forward with allegations (that turned out to be true) against Bill Clinton the media circled their wagons around Clinton and were trying their hardest to get the story to go away.  Simply put, the media shows their bias.  I'm wondering where the outrage and accusations of racism are.  I'm wondering where the people who said, "This has nothing to do with his ability to serve as President" are now that it's a person on the opposite side of the politcal spectrum.  We hear nothing but crickets chirping.

I am reserving my judgement about this situation until we have more information.  I hope that my suspicions are correct because I think that Cain is the right man for the job.  If it turns out that he's a womanizer, then yes I will have a problem with that.  Until there is proof, then he still has my support.


  1. It always strikes me as odd when these allegations come out at the time they do.

    How come they didn't come out in 2004 when Cain was running for the Senate? How come they didn't come out when Cain was virtually dead last in the polling data earlier this year.

    Timing is everything.


  2. Frankly, if they didn't file charges when it happened (over and over and over, apparently) and are just doing it now, of all times, it is complete political B.S.

  3. I agree Bluesun but only to a point. As far as why a woman or anyone who is a victim of any kind of harrassment or abuse chooses not to file charges or make formal allegations at the time of the incident could be for many reasons.

    If it turns out that these allegations are true and not just some vague accusation that he complimented her hair and she felt uncomfortable, or any other subjective thing, then the last thing I want is another philanderer in chief. We've had several of those already, thank you very much.

  4. Whether the allegations are true or not true, the media coverage is just one more reason that I hate the media.

  5. It was a common response for large corporations to 'pay off the complainer' in the 90's just to make things go away. It was ALSO common practice for those corporations to terminate the accused if their investigation revealed the slightest possibility of misconduct on the part of the accused ...especially if the accused was a high ranking person in the corporation. The higher their rank, the greater the potential liability.

    Two different women made this claim on two separate occasions and the internal investigation that followed resulted in both of those women being 'paid to go away.' Yet no repercussions to Cain? That says to me that the investigation revealed no guilt on Cain's part.

    This is the Left's attempt to discredit the one person they fear as a challenger to Obama.


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