Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Real Gasoline?

Article found at The American Spectator by Eric Peters with a short history on Ethanol and a link to locations selling Ethanol free gas. (The only benefit of 10% Ethanol in gas goes to "Big Agri-business". It does bupkiss otherwise)
I thought "cool", it'd be nice to get a little more pep out of the '89 Astro Beater Van. So I hit the list. Not one location listed in the Houston area. So I ran down the list in hopes that one of the outlying bergs in the metropolitan area might be listed. Nada. Fourth largest city in the US and no Ethanol free gas? I'm thinking surely that list must be incomplete. Now I'm on a quest.
I did learn that there is a town in Texas named "Uncertain" though. So, it wasn't a total loss.



  1. The only time I've ever done the "Walk of Shame" (no not that one...the one where you walk up the street to a filling station, borrow a jerry can, fill it with gas, and walk back to your dead vehicle) Was the first month I moved to Massachusetts from Maine. My 2001 Ranger has never had an accurate fuel gauge. But the engine does burn gas VERY consistently, so I just kept track of how many miles were on the tank and called it good.

    Didn't take into account that Maine its hard to find the 10% crap...but its Mandated in Mass.

    My truck sputtered and died 50 miles short of where it should have stopped.

    Thankfully there was a station 100 yards away.

    Less MPG, same price. More taxes. Get rid of it!

  2. Hubby, both stations in Sargent are listed.

  3. pretty far to drive for a weekly fill up.

  4. Seems to me I read that it has to do with government corn subsidies - generate over production through subsidy then figure out something to do with it.

  5. E85 will seriously jack up a motorcycle carburetor if its left sitting for a while. Way quicker and worse than "pure" gas does. Gave me fits trying to work the bugs out of my 6 carb Valkyrie rack a while back. It can gum up your jets in just a couple of weeks of sitting if you don't have techron or some other additive in the gas.


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