Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Fish, No Fish, No Fish!

A second cold front blew in this morning *unexpectedly* and it rained most of the day. We expected it to move through and the weather to clear so we could go fishing one more time before heading back to the Hacienda. Around dinner time, the north wind kicked up to about 25 knots and hasn't let up. Bad weather for the annual Sargent boat parade this evening.  In better years there's been 30 or so boats lit up with christmas lights and sound systems. Between the Obummer economy and the weather there were perhaps eight.  (Belle keeps saying we need to decorate the boat for the parade one of these years..meh)
Dinner was good though - Ranch Burgers. Ranch dressing powder mixed in with 85/15 ground beef. Saute'd onions and Bell Peppers. Cheddar, sliced tomatoes and iceberg lettuce.  I don't recall where Belle got the tip on adding the Ranch dressing to the meat, but man do those burgers come out juicy.
On to the Star of the day, built by..Bootsie. Photo credit - Bootsie


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