Monday, November 14, 2011


Roasted  Chicken in the magic 6 dollar roasting pan we bought years ago and Corn on the Cob.
I don't know what it is about the cheap roasting pan, but we've cooked beef, pork and yard bird in it and it always comes out good. Belle's side of the family always asks why my Briskets always come out so moist and tender. I'm honest, I cheat. Wait, that's a dichotomy isn't it? I digress. I cook them in the roasting pan in the oven. 30 minutes per pound at 350.
I did the grocery shopping last night and picked up some corn on the cob. Boy that stuff is getting expensive, but I do love it. I bought 4 ears, two for me, two for Belle.  Belle only consumed one tonight, you can intuit where the extra ear went. All of this is to say that my favorite way to eat corn on the cob is with a healthy dusting of black pepper. No butter. The corn is mostly perfect just the way it is.  The pepper gives it a little "bite". Pardon me, I have to sneeze.

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