Saturday, November 26, 2011

A CHL does not make you Starsky, or Hutch

"In an attempted aggravated robbery, the two men entered the restaurant, demanded money and held out their gunsAn armed diner pulled out his gun, and a shootout between them occurred, but no one was injured"
The armed diner is not named in the article, which leads me to believe he was not arrested.   I'm highly surprised nobody was injured.  To top it off, Mr. Vigilante ran outside after the immediate danger was mitigated, the gunmen had fled and fired shots into the retreating getaway car.  How this guy still retains his CHL and is not in jail evades me. 
 Irresponsible Effing Idiot. 


  1. Yeah, I agree. There are only certain defined circumstances when I will go to the "third party defense of others" here.

    God. I tell every one of my students to "not make us look bad out there, OK?"

    Some just don't get it I reckon. I can say reckon, and y'all too, North Carolina native. I have a card in my wallet allowing it!

  2. I have drawn my line in the sand as to when I will draw and use my pistol and when I won't.

    In the instance above, I would have just kept my pistol in the holster.

  3. Agreed.
    The classic TV series about detective partners, one chubby, the other a potato...
    Husky & Starch!


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