Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The IRS doing my taxes?

Wait, aren't they the bureaucrats that answer the phones and get most tax questions wrong?
I'm absolutely sure they could configure my tax return so I would pay the least greatest amount of taxes possible. Because of course, they are from the gubmint, and they are here to help. Ah, well then. It was floated by a democrat congressman, so you know he (she, it) was just trying to help the little people. The vunables.
This shit is beyond the pale.
I'm pretty sure I haven't smoked wacky weed today, no I'm positive. The situation is getting absolutely bizarre.  Que Twilight Zone music.
Wait...no..I didn't have a stroke, I actually read that. The ruling "elite" are the most retarded, inbred, narcissistic fucktards on the face of the planet.  And yet, they keep getting voted into office. Well, of course they are the most evolved and smahtest people in the room.
 We are at the precipice. We are very near the point where more people can vote themselves money than the rest of  us can afford to pay. A few more percentage points and this Grand Republic, this Grand Experiment is done.
Never in history has a Nation, more free, been handed to Mankind.
Consider your Vote very, very carefully. This is not your typical election.  Should it come to this, a third party vote (Ron Pauldroid) is equivilant to sniffing rat poison. It will hand the election to Obama without even a whimper. Get over it. Ron  Paul is never going to be the POTUS.
 Voting Obummer over Romney on principal, is a fool's errand. Obama will continue to issue egregious executive orders that pee on the Constitution like the junkyard dog that he is**.  Forget the Republican controlled legislature that will gridlock Obummer's presidency. This is not 1992.
 Look back over the past 10  years and show me a spine in the Congressional Republican party that would have the will  to impeach his skinny ass for doing so.
 Back in the day, the Democrats were the Racist conservatives. The Republicans were the Liberals. The Demoncrats saw the writing on the wall in the 60's and hopped over the Republicans to become the party of the minorities and the "working man".
The country club Republican establishment's response? Wait..whuut? Oh, everything's ok. We'll just keep doing what we've been doing. The peepul love us! We liberated the slaves. (read some history, LBJ did not free the slaves, nor did Lincoln).
Damnit I'm pissed!

**As a side note, if anyone could find a way to neutralize the influence of Valerie Jarret and  George Soros, Obama would be done. She's pulling his strings. At this point, he is a hollow crust, a puppet. Oh, look, Obama worked so hard for 4 days in a row, he needs some Tee Time and another Vaca in Hawaii.

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