Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Safety Net

The safety net is the new term for welfare and other government programs.  Liberals like to change the terminology of things when it suits them.  When the *cough* science begin showing that the planet wasn't really warming up like they were saying, they changed the 'global warming' terminology to 'climate change' so that it's more palitable.

Now, they're focusing on government welfare programs.  You see, those of us who work for a living are demanding cuts in these programs because the country can't afford them.  Now, instead of calling it 'welfare' or 'social programs', they are calling it a safety net.

Michael Berry correctly pointed this out yesterday on his show and he also pointed out that the problem with a safety net is that it ultimately becomes a hammock.

Let's say that you decide to go to the circus and you watch the trapeze artists do their show.  One of them falls and is caught by the safety net.  The idea is that the performer gets up and climbs back up the ladder to finish the show.  What if that person decided to just stay there in the net?  Perhaps it's too much trouble or work to climb back up to the top.  What he's done is turned that net into a hammock.  So then what happens if another one falls, and then another and another but none get up.  Eventually the show comes to a halt.

So apply that to government 'safety nets'.  If you are allowed to stay on unemployment indefinitely or stay on welfare for as long as you want, without having to give anything back to the community, or without having to learn a job skill, what incentive is there to pull yourself out of it?  That government safety net, which is supposed to be there when people find themselves in unmanageable times, now has become a hammock and eventually, if enough people pile into the hammock and not enough people are in the show...  well the show will come to a halt and then we're all up a creek.

I noticed on my blog this morning that the Houston Chronicle has a headline that reads "Safety nets insure more Texas children", a sign that they are trying to drive our view on government programs by changing the terminology.  They do this because they know that thought for thought, their ideology loses on its face. 

A snake oil salesman will change his tactics and the words that he uses to sell his worthless garbage because he knows that if he tells the truth he would never sell a thing.  Liberals are no different.  They know that we aren't buying their garbage and so now they have to shift gears.

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