Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taking Responsibility

With freedom comes responsibility.  We have the right to free speech, however, we have to learn that in exercising our free speech, consequences may occur, we may say something to someone that could alienate us from our community or our loved ones.

We have the right to keep and bear arms, however, along with that right, also comes responsibility.  If we choose to keep and bear arms, we have the responsibility to ensure that those around us aren't in danger of our own negligent actions.  Also, if we decide to pursue our license to conceal carry, we MUST ensure that once we have that license that we continue our firearm education and take further tactical classes so that we can be sure that if we are ever faced with a situation to where we have to defend ourselves or others, that we aren't putting the innocent at risk in the process.

When hunting season opens, it is our responsibility to make darn sure that we educate ourselves and know not only the gaming laws of our state, but that we know all the rules and safe practices in handling our guns.  Even those who have grown up around guns can sometimes get careless.  Accidents do happen in the hunting fields even with the most seasoned hunters.

I did a little checking on the Texas Parks and Wildlife site and while the number of accidents are low, I've noticed that there were fewer accidents per year since the State of Texas passed a law requiring hunters to take an education course prior to hunting and more than 50% were self inflicted accidents.

Those born before September 2, 1971 are not required to take the course but even for someone who was born before then, it might be a good idea to take one anyway.

There are plenty of places to take the class but there is an easy way to at least get the classroom portion and then go and do the field portion of the course.

Hunter Safety Course Texas

So all you hunters out there, be sure that if you haven't already taken the class, give it a shot; but remember if you were born after 9/2/71 you must take the class, it's the law.

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