Sunday, November 6, 2011

Reminder, Lockhart Blogshoot 2

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday, November 12th is the Lockhart blog shoot.  I hope that there's a good turn out.

Even if you don't want to shoot, come on out and meet up with us anyway!

Last time we met up at 9 am and that seemed to work out okay.

Here is a link to the post regarding the first meet up that we had at this same range.  The only thing different of course are the people attending.  Also, in that original post is a link to the shooting range's website which has directions on how to get there and prices, etc.

So far I've only heard from Borepatch and YeOldFurt, I'm hoping that more folks will show up but if not, I'm sure that the four us (including hubby and I) will still have a good time.  YeOldFurt promises to bring Bob (his 50 caliber Sharps) and I have a suspicion that he will bring his two, very beautiful yet deadly Colt 45's, and hubby and I will be loaded for bear bringing the Tokorev, two shot guns and probably his cute little Ithica 22 rifle, naturally I will be bringing my pistol as well.

Anyway, let me know in comments if you're going to make it.  I hope to see as many of you as possible.  It's sure to be a great time!  I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it again!

The first shoot, I was a little nervous because I had just gotten back in to shooting and was a little unsure of myself.  Now, my confidence level has gone up along with my comfort level and so I won't feel like such a noob.


  1. Wish I could make it, but I will be hunting.

  2. Belle seems to be turning it into a semiannual event. So, you can come sweat bullets with us at the next one, in six months or so. According to Borepatch's on Jeep thermometer, it hit 110 degrees that day. (it lies. I think he bought it up north) Couldn't have been north of 104.

  3. Well, if it's anything like last weekend, I will be sweating bullets while hunting! It's too hot for hunting season.

  4. Just heard about this, but won't be able to make it. If it is going to be a semi-annual event, that'll be neat. TXGunGeek and I talked once about doing a Texas gunblogger event but never got around to it due to lack of time.

    Hope I can make the next one!

    - Hsoi

  5. That would be great Hsoi. We did one back in June, just send me an email and we'll put another together, perhaps in the spring or something. I'm always open to suggestions for locations.

    @That Guy - Sweating is good for you.. just pretend you're in a suana... ;-)
    You're right though, it's too hot for deer season.

  6. Guess neither of us will be there. Yeoldfurt was planning to be there and I was hoping to meet up with you guys on my way home from San Antonio ...but now we need a new transmission pronto. We're driving three geriatric vehicles ...the Camry is the 'oldest' in chronological years ('95) but the 'youngest' in smallest number on the odometer at just 120K. Not sure how we're gonna conjure up the $1500 or so to replace the transmission or how we'll both make the 80 mile/day roundtrip to work while that truck is in the shop. Looks like Murphy is back in town!

  7. kx59, I'd blame Government Motors, but bought it when it was still Chrysler. Don't expect 110 this weekend but it looks like I didn't need to bring my duster with me from Atlanta - it'll be in the 80s (in November!).

    I guess that everything really is bigger in Texas, especially the temperature.

    And HossBoss, I hear you. The Mrs.' minivan is about rusted out (that you, Commonwealth of Massachusetts) and needs to be replaced. Ouch.

  8. I am so sorry to hear that HB. I haven't had many takers this time around. I suspect because of hunting season and maybe the holidays. Maybe we'll just cancel the shoot and try again in March or something.

  9. Just left a comment at JayG.s Damn the luck, I'm out of town in Florida till late next week.


    Rain check, please?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  10. Of course, Jim, no worries. Will probably put another one together in the Spring.

  11. I will be unavailable. My son has a Playoff game this weekend. I can't miss that.

    Parents will be in town but dad would have just come along.

    Maybe nxt time

  12. Well shoot.

    As I feared, work got in the way and I won't be making it.


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