Monday, September 5, 2011

Annoyed - A Borrowed Tin Foil Hat

I'm a little annoyed at The History Channel.

They have this show called Ancient Aliens which I sometimes watch when nothing else is on, or when I'm trying to fall asleep.

The premise of this show is basically trying to prove that aliens visited the ancients and that's how monuments and wonders such as The Great Pyramids or Abu Simbal or the monuments and statues at Luxor could not have possibly been built by humans alone without today's technology.  No, it had to be done with the help of aliens.

What really angers me about this is that they refuse to give human beings credit for being the complex creatures that we are.  Throughout the ages, we have proven that amazing things can be accomplished, without technology but with true human thought and grit.

Have we come to a place where we are so freaking dependent on technology that we can no longer fathom how a man can work with his hands with amazing precision and detail?  Are we so dependent on machines that the idea of thousands of men working together (or by force but that's another post) can accomplish a single, amazing goal?

Humans have always, since he picked up the first stick to use as a tool, been able to do incredible things by using our ability to reason and to solve problems.  The fact that these shows where the so called scientists are trying to discredit human ability is appalling, at best, and evil if you think about it.

I'm going to borrow Kx59's tin foil hat for a moment and offer this up.  Are scientists trying to discredit human ability to push an agenda that somehow we are a lesser species?  Is this a way for them to get the masses to conform to the idea that somehow we don't deserve the amazing things that we have made in this world?  That somehow we are less than worthy?  Is this a way to push some socialist, environmentalist, anti-human agenda?  I have to sometimes wonder.

The history channel, NatGeo and other such channels tend to push this agenda quite often.  They also tend to offer up theories as if they are fact.  Case in point, watch some of their dinosaur shows where they animate how the dinosaurs lived.  As if they could really know that for sure!  For years and years, we've thought that the T-Rex was most likely a predator but some not so main stream scientists are changing their tune on that, turns out that most likely it was probably a scavenger.  I digress.

Back to the subject at hand, quite frankly IMHO, Ancient Aliens is an insult to the human spirit and what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it.  It's really a shame because I do love The History Channel, but they may lose my viewership, if they keep this crap up, even if it means that I have to miss Top Shot.  I hope that it doesn't come to that though.

As for now, I'm just slightly annoyed.


  1. Saw that show once--laughed, made fun of it for a while, then turned the channel and never looked back.

    It's really just dumb, but then, so are most of the shows on "History" Channel.

  2. In the future they may look at things we build today like microprocessors and swear aliens helped. Nano tech is pretty amazing. After the next bout of the dark ages who know what they will think of who we are centuries from now.

  3. oh! my hat, who left that out?


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