Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Your own personal hurricane made of fire

One of the fires burning in Texas is in the Magnolia area. It is bearing down on acreage occupied by family members of ours, on Belle's side of the family. Last night around 10pm, a knock came on the door, informing them that they had to evacuate. As I type, Belle is showing me the Texas wild fire map. The leading edge of the burn has progressed south of their place and the bulk of it appears to be east of their location.
The property damage from fires burning all over the state is pretty big, but in comparison to the wide swath a hurricane cuts along its path, it's fairly localized.
They are holed up in a motel not far away. I can only imagine what this is like for them. Like watching their own personal hurricane made of fire slowly roll in.
Like all in the path of the wildfires, the tangible results of a lifetime's dreams and toil are at stake. My hope for them springs eternal, and I pray the fire passes by.
I'm trying not to think too much about the downside of the situation. It makes my heart hurt.


  1. The Chicago fires, and the fires in Wisconsin that happened at the same time (1871 I think - without looking), were tremendously severe because there was wind driving loose fuel. The wind picked up dry brush and the mix was a lot like mixing gas/oxygen in a torch. A flame tornado.

    I pray for your family and all in Texas.

  2. Here are some prayers that they, and what they care for, is spared. God Bless you all.


  3. Thanks Brigid. We could use them.

    North, these fires really sparked up over the weekend and spread when Tropical Storm Lee went through Louisiana. We had gusting winds of about 30mph which really fueled them.

    Before there were small fires here and there, but now, it's just awful.

  4. I can't be more eloquent the Brigid so I wont try.

    My prayers are with them.

    They are amongst the growing number of friends and family that I am learning have had to evacuate the area.


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