Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying to turn in........

but the girls are down at the pier still fishing.  I stepped outside to engage in my bad habit and they were bringing in a nice sized trout.  They were squealing as the trout was flopping around in the landing net and I was laughing at them.  They heard me and Bootsie called out, "MOM!  Can you help us?"

So, good mom and capable angler that I am, I went down and removed said fish from the hook.  It was a nice, fat keeper.  Bootsie went upstairs and told Kx about the fish, which brought him downstairs to filet it real quick.  That was about 40 minutes ago.

I took my shower, put on my pajamas and had just settled down to watch a movie when Bootsie pokes her head in the door, "Mom, we need your help again.  We caught another trout but it's too small.  The hook is way down in his mouth and we can't get it out."

*sigh*  So, I went down and of course, helped them out.  Poor fish didn't make it, which is a shame.  He was a pretty little fish and almost keeping size.

Now I am hoping that I can get settled in and get some sleep without having to rescue the girls again.

Funny thing is that it sounds like I'm complaining, but in all honesty.........  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  Life is good.

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