Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Arguments

Yesterday I posted a couple of tidbits from my brain and AOA, in the comments made a nice, strong argument in disagreement with me.  If you go to the comments under Tidbits from the Belle, you will see that I may have pissed him off with that post, which was not my intention.

AOA makes a decent argument against the idea that the gays in the military issue is a non-issue and it caused me to think about that statement.

I think that I should of explained myself a little better rather than leave it out there as a non-issue.

Here is my thing,  I called it a non-issue for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I don't think that appeasing the gays for brownie points and using our military in a political manner like that is appropriate and I don't believe that this was the time to make that move considering there are much more important issues at hand, like the deficit and the fact that the EU is about to tank.

Secondly, it's my belief that the vast majority of gays just want to be free to live their lives and love whomever they want to love without having to be made into a political tool.  I believe that they have a right to serve their country and I believe that the vast majority of them will stay in the closet anyway with regard to their sexuality as to not make their brothers at arms angry, uncomfortable or even afraid.

Our men and women in uniform are trained as professionals.  I have never met a man who is in, or who was in the military whose actions have shown anything other than valor, courage and honor.  I have faith in our troops in that they will not worry about something as simple as who someone likes to sleep with.

Sexual harrassment may be a concern to some who may have to serve with a gay individual, but I will offer this up.  Sexual harrassment is wrong whether or not it comes from someone of the same sex, or the opposite sex, and I have confidence that it will not be tolerated.

As far as comparing the military to a private sector job, I should have made a better comparision, maybe a cop or a fireman............  

Anyway, thank you AOA for commenting and making me think on it some more.  I realize that many out there are not going to agree with me on this issue and that's fine.  Just know that it comes from my faith in human beings in general, but especially my faith in folks who choose to protect my liberties.  A debt that can not be paid enough.

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