Thursday, September 15, 2011

Calling Lady Gunnies

Any ideas for a good holster?  What works better, inside waist band, or outside waist band?  Any particular brands?

I know that I will want leather, and something that's sturdy so that drawing and replacing will work well.

I really don't see myself with a shoulder holster.

What about if you are in a situation where you have to wear a dress?


  1. Get thee to Kathy Jackson's Web site. That is where I send my female students. Great info!

  2. Second the motion on Kathy's website. The best! A review of my favorite holster here with a few tips. .

  3. Can't help, since I make my own holsters and seldom wear a dress :)

    As for myself, though - I'm a IWB guy whenever possible. Maybe its all those people telling me to "keep it in my pants" for all those years :)

  4. Along with Kathy's website, check out faliaphotography's You Tube Channel. She's posted a couple of different vids that address concealed carry for women.

  5. The vids and corneredcat are my top recommendations. Dress I plan thigh holster. I also have a belly band on my wish list. I think corneredcat talks about them. Maybe. I'll try to find that link. I love the look of them because you can wear it with the outfits that don't have belts.


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